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Business Turnaround Solutions

StockNV can provide great help to recover your loss business unit. We assesed your current business state, & deside right strategy for win-win sitruation according to recent market positions & market changes.

From 1998 we have made 1000+ fundamental research reports to various listed companies. We known very well that business strategies of MNC's like Nestle, P&G, HUL, Abotte Pharma, Pfizer. They are doing something different thats why they performed greatly than Indian companies. We seen, infact we finding lots of successful business turnaround strories in our research job.

What are the business turnaroud?

A successful business turnaround really comes down to one thing, which is a focus on cash and cash returns. That means bringing a business back to its basic element of success. Is it generating cash or burning it? And, even more specifically, which investments in the business are generating or burning cash? & more.

Many businesses incur overwhelming debt for various reasons and need a business turnaround strategy. Some of these business are doomed to become insolvent simply because the owners are not aware of the options available for financial recovery.
Important tips for Successful Business Turnaround - 1.Assess the current business state, 2.Find the causes of losses, 3. Product & Sales analysis, 4.Reset work flow chart and adopt the right technology, 5. Restructuring of Debts. 6.Find and retain talented people, 7. Redesign the budget. 8.Change old incentive plans, 9.Build traction for change with quick wins, 10.Execution

CHARGES - Only Rs. 1000 for consultation

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