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Portfolio Redesigning

In our 21 years' experiece, we found that most of our clients do not have proper investments. People invest their money on the basis of temporary phenomena instead of proper analysis and research. Nelson survey says 87% Indians make wrong investments & do not track the investment they have made. It is a very common thing in India to fish people in fake investments scheme. That's why people suffer money insufficiency. Sometimes I think, is there really hard-earn money that they had invested? Every successful investment needs best knowledge & proper research.
We provide two type portfolio redesigning service in the manner of investments.
1. Portfolio redesigning service for all your investment avenue, your assets allocation e.g. Your investment in Bank FDR, Gold, your investments in real estate, Mutual Funds & SIP's, your insurance & Retirement planning. We analyse your all investement as per your age, your financial responsibilities, your financial goals, your loans & risk taking capacity.
2. We provide service for your shares' portfolio which you have already made. Most of the people stuck in wrong shares. They dont decide how to do them because share price much down than their purchased value. We check all the shares that you have purchased & design them. Some shares really need to be sold or switched to good shares in same sector or some new shares really need to be added to your portfolio.

Charges : Rs. 3000 yearly charges for 1 portfolio.  




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