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StockNV provide consultancy for fund raising. Any business growth & necessory changes depend upon your working capital and excess fund. If you want to bring change in your business, we will definetely help you. Fund raising consultant can fill up that gap.

However you are planning to expand your business, business finance that's right for your company can help you take advantage of new opportunities and make your ambitions a reality. If your business has its daily running costs covered, external funding may be the solution you need to grow.

Factors to Consider to Find the Right Funding Option

There are a number of ways to finance a business and a range of lenders and investors to choose from when a business owner is making financing decisions. Financing can come in the form of debt or investment, and the terms of the financing can vary significantly between the two. Important factors to consider when choosing methods of financing a business include the repayment terms, the total cost of capital and the requirements of the lender or investor. 1. Ultimate goal and milestones, 2. Structure of the investment, 3. Unique value proposition, 4. Rate of Interest and Fee Structures, 5. Investing your personal resources, 6. Desire for control, 8. Leverage in negotiations, 9.Consider the Repayment Terms

As a business owner, the idea of accepting expertise and a big check from an outside investor can seem like a complete win for you and your business. But after the funding, you will also have to consult with your investors before making any decisions. The truth of whether it’s actually a benefit for you, however, is often determined by what appears to be the boring fYou will also have to consult with your investors before making decisions. ine print details of the contract you sign with that investor.
Take money from the wrong source and you may lose part of your business, thats why loan is good in that cases. If your business is in the earliest stages of development, the bank will also funding. Along with your business credit history, the bank will want to examine your credit score. If the bank approves your loan request, it will set up payment terms, including interest.

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