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WHY STOCKNV.COM ? is not only our consultancy firm but we belive it will be a magical stick for everyone who live with financial freedom by investment business.

We understand business not only shares-Our clients enjoy multibagger returns because we are experts to find hidden gems, we provide widely knowlegable and vast experienced advice for share investment and share trading.  As on 2019, we have made 1790+ research reports on various listed companies and 138+ business projects in 33 sectors. We can proudly say that, we are leading business coach in india who conduct 129 workshops on business coaching and served more than 85 corporates and 326 startups..

Trusted service from 1998-We are SEBI registered Investment adviser and have 21+ years experience in corporate research & equity analysis. Equity analysis and investment is our core passion. We start our journey in 1998 with very small equity reseach firm. We have delivered results year after year consistantly, today we provide advice in euity, real estate, commodity, mutual funds and insurance. You can see our 11 years past performance from 2008 in this website. Also we provide consultancy solution for business problems and startups.

"Trust takes years to build, it require transperency and inner passion for consistantly dedicated work."

20 X 1 support- We provide one dedicated support asistant for every 20 clients becuase we care your hard earned money. One delayed advice or delayed action can made huge loss that why we provide advice both way i.e. SMS & Whatapp or telegrame. We work only for customer's profit, from 1998 we never touch any singal paisa of customers investments.  Even we have not started brokerage firm. 

Customer is everything for us and his profit  is our first priority. 

Free life time support-  We provide life time free consultation regarding any investment for our clients. We promised that you can contact any time whenever you need advice for your loss making share investments, or whenever you need advice for your new investment in equity, real estate, mutual fund, insurance.

Job satisfaction is much matter for us..

Based on 36 scientific formula- We provide share investments and share trading advice not only based on fundamental and technical analysis but on our proven 36 scientific and result oriented formula who developed on our 21 years experience. For exmple, we check 91+ fundamentals before start analysing of financial statements of any company..

Result is telling truth..

We track your investments - Before 2005's stock investment and Indian economy is different & todays market is very different. We seen lots of cases who suffered loss in long term share investment also. The reason is very simple, they are not tracking their investments regulary. We track our clients all investments portfolio by very scientific way and regularly.  Thats why we take action timely, and your investment portfolio get best return. 

Regular tracking is very important in investment business..

Genuine Advice- we belive that you can build weath in equity market only by short and long term investments. Thats why we always suggest our clients - Intraday trading is catelyst for wealth building & it is necessory but alway invest 80% to 90% of your capital for short term and long term. Remaining 10% to 20% use for intraday trading. 

Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood..

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